Who is behind all this?

Our founder and principal consultant, Kevin Dostalek, has over 15 years of experience in the IT industry and over 10 years managing large IT projects and IT personnel. While he holds numerous System Engineer related certifications, Kevin has spent the last 10 years focused on software/web development and improvements in the development process including being an early adopter and champion of “Agile Development” processes starting in 2002. Kevin has led projects for companies of all sizes and has participated in various roles including Developer, Architect, Business Analyst, Technical Lead, Development Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager, and Mentor/Coach. In addition to these roles, Kevin also managed a Solution Delivery department as a Vice President for a mid-sized MS Gold Partner from 2005 through 2008 and later also served as a Vice President of Innovation and Education. Kevin formed Kick Studios, LLC in 2010 to be a platform to expand his experience in the directions noted on other pages of this website.

Kevin is passionate about learning and teaching, enabling authentic relationships between people, and blending left-brain critical thinking with right-brain radiant thinking. These passions make him an ideal candidate for disruptive innovation initiatives, especially those involving his technical expertise (software product development, social computing/media, and SharePoint).

Anybody Else?

Through Kevin's speaking engagements and online networking, Kick Studios has built a large network of world-class SharePoint expertise that are considered trusted partners. When needed, this network of experts can be leveraged to help with consulting engagements either as short term expert advisors or as longer term trusted solution providers to augment delivery capacity.

If you would like to learn more about Kick Studios and explore how we might work together to create something remarkable please contact us via one of the channels below: