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Our preferred development stack and language is the Microsoft .NET Framework and C#. From Windows Form Apps and Modern Apps to Web Applications (using any number of client frameworks like React, Angular, etc…) We have talented developers with extensive experience on back ends, front ends, and everywhere in between.


Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing environment is much more than simply off-premises server power, though it is that. Azure encompasses an ever expanding list of complex service offerings from message queues to logical integration services (e.g. EDI) and newer technologies such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. We have found Azure the ideal focal point to integrate complicated solutions that may also include Office 365, Mobile, and Custom .NET solution components.


Mobile devices have become ubiquitous in our world. Your employees and customers expect your applications to function well on these platforms. Sometimes it a simple matter of using a responsive web design, but other times really call for a specific app, often a native app, for target platforms.