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Retail TradeOps Programming

How We Can Support You

Custom Indicator Development

If you have a unique edge you may benefit from having your very own indicator to assist your analysis and make you more efficient and accurate. Our preferred platform is TradingView, but we can also work with other platforms such as MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, etc…

Strategy Backtest Automation

Have a great idea for an edge but need to validate it over large sets of market data? We can build a strategy implementation and automate this testing for you! This is an interactive process that often involves an iterative approach to tweak the strategy to maximize profit factors and minimize account drawdowns.

Trade Execution Automation

Once you have a validated a repeatable trading strategy you can automate the execution of trades with an algorithmic trading bot. Sometimes this can be done with off-the-shelf retail trading bot solutions, but we can also automate more advanced trading strategies with platforms such as AutoView, GoatAlerts, or 3Commas. Even in the most complicated scenarios we can program a custom trading bot using C# and S# (Stock.Sharp).

Crypto Support Services

Cryptocurrency comes with it’s own set of technical challenges. We can offload these IT tasks such as retail bot installation and configuration (we have experience with ProfitTrailer, Gunbot, 3Commas, CryptoHopper, Gekko, and ProfitFeeder), token staking and masternode setup, security concerns (VPN, wallet security, 2FA, etc…), and just about anything else a retail crypto trader might need from an IT perspective.

Trade Support Tools

We have a growing library of tools designed to support your trading operations whether that be trade planning worksheets, trade tracking systems, specialized indicators, or custom applications for special trade operations not directly supported by certain exchanges (e.g. stop loss trigger after timeout or candle close). Browse and purchase some of these tools here (there are even some free ones available!)


If you would rather learn the ways of Retail TradeOps Development rather than letting us do the work for you then we have you covered. We have a growing list of online courses available on Udemy (click link for big discounts and to see coming soon titles). If you have specialized needs we can also work with you one-on-one to provide a personalized training/consulting experience.