Mega Support/Resistance


This premium indicator for TradingView is a conglomeration of many indicators that are used to establish areas/zones of support and resistance. We don’t really recommend you turning on all the features simultaneously, but its a great toolbox to have in whatever the situation may call for.

  • Up to 3 SMA/EMA’s on different timeframes than the current
  • Fibonacci EMA’s (21, 55, 89, 200, note: 144 and 233 available in vegas wave below)
  • Kickline (a special 3rd generation moving average based on the works of Durshner). Enhanced to show and alert on bullish/bearish changes.
  • Smoothed Median Moving Average w/ optional “shadow”
  • Pivot Points (for any timeframe)
  • Vegas Wave (144/169/233)
  • VWAP (current session and previous session close S/R)
  • Z-Score Bands assignable to Session VWAP or Smoothed Median Moving Average
  • RSI-Based Supply/Demand Zones

You may request a 3 day trial of this indicator by clicking on the “Request Trial” tab/link above. An advanced tutorial video will also be available soon.

To request a trial click the button below. This will add a special “trial request product” to your cart and take you to checkout. As long as your cart only has free items in it you will not have to enter any payment methods. Do make sure you enter your correct email address and TradingView username as this is how we will provide you with trial access to the indicator and notify you. Please note that it may take up to 12 hours to process your trial request. Lastly, if you would like to request multiple trials in the same “order” that is completely fine – add them from each indicator page until they are all in your cart and then complete the checkout process.

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