Range Ruler


Range Ruler



The Range Ruler is your key to identifying areas that attract price action as well as marking levels for likely reversals.  In addition, it will also map out volatility levels so you can introduce probabilities for expected moves into your trading system.  This indicator has many features including:

  • Central Pivot Range and Floor Pivots (1-4)
  • Tomorrow’s Estimated CPR and Daily Pivots Levels
  • Monthly CPR and Pivots
  • M-Levels
  • Previous Day Close, High, and Low
  • Daily Historical Volatility Normal Distribution Standard Deviation Levels
  • Daily Average True Range Multiples Levels

While this indicator uses data from the past to calculate it’s projections for the future it is non-lagging in that once a level is set for the day or month it does not change for that entire period even if you switch to different timeframes.  This means everyone using these standardized calculations are looking at the same levels which lends to increased likelihood of reactions occurring at these levels.

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