Smart OBVCD and Divergences

Smart OBVCD and Divergences



This is a pair of premium TradingView indicators written in PineScript v3 that make it easier to spot divergences in On Balance Volume, but make the calculations using a unique method.

  • Volume is segmented into buy or sell volume by analyzing smaller timeframes (down to 1 minute)
  • The sell vs. buy volume is calculated as a running total (as per normal OBV calculations)
  • The Convergence/Divergence of the OBV Buy and Sell volumes are smoothed with 3rd generation averaging methods
  • The Smart OBVCD indicator visualizes the above calculation on a histogram to make it easier to see the values and how they relate to the price action.
  • The Smart OBVCD Divergence indicator plots Regular and Hidden Bullish and Bearish divergence on higher timeframes based on the calculations and also provides early “warnings” for unconfirmed divergences forming (note: these are unconfirmed because the higher high or lower low have now yet been confirmed on the higher timeframe).

You may request a 7 day trial of this indicator by clicking on the “Request Trial” tab/link above. An advanced tutorial video will also be available soon.

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